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Portals to Destiny

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Portals to Destiny

The Book

Portals to Destiny – Trailer

“Portals to Destiny” read by author Dr. Hildegarde Staninger and artist Rick DubovCLICK for audio: 

Xulon Press
Contact: Dr. Hildegarde Staninger

Accessing the body’s beacon

Scientist applies research to channel God’s blessings

LONGWOOD, FL — Portals to Destiny ($19.99, paperback, 9781612158570) by Dr. Hildegarde Staninger was written to express the energetic spin of creation through opening the individual portals (gates) of your cell’s DNA. Staninger explains that DNA is your template of your past and present and through the energy spin of your individual body’s (the Temple) resonance, you manifest your own super light.  This phenomenon allows you to create your own universal signal to receive the true blessing of creation. Staninger hopes the readers of Portals to Destiny will experience all of the blessings that God has to give them, as God’s blessings are limitless.  It does not matter what people believe or what religion they were raised in – God reads our hearts and will return our continual desires.

According to Staninger, Portals to Destiny is the “golden key” to opening the portal to change your own life, families and ancestors as well as to lift mankind and the world back into God’s own heart. Staninger communicates that she has always looked at herself as a soldier of God, to do His work in the fields of science and industrial toxicology where no other would dare to go. Portals to Destiny is God’s way of showing that He also created all that we have to offer as if God were us and we were Him; we are from the same universal star seed of creation, as all of us are within the heavens.

Hildegarde Staninger, Ph.D.,RIET-1 is a world renowned industrial toxicologist who, in 2006-07, was principal investigator of a privately funded project to identify the composition of Morgellon’s fibers. This original research revealed the environmental impacts upon man, environment and other life forms from exposure to nanotechnology, a work she continues to pursue.

Xulon Press, a division of Salem Communications, is the world’s largest Christian publisher, with more than 8,000 titles published to date. Portals to Destiny is available online through xulonpress.com/bookstore,


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CLICK HERE to read David L. Dewey’s STUNNING review of Portals to Destiny!

A letter from a reader:

Dearest Shoshanna,

WOW! You always just KNOW, dont’ you? After I received your wonderful gift of Hilde’s and Rick’s book I wanted to at least flip through it but spirit told me to just wait – it wasn’t time to read it. I kept it on my counter and at each passing, I would ask again “Time?” and it whispered “No – not yet.” I’d just shake my head but I’ve learned to honor that.

A few moments ago, I asked again and it said “Time” and I just finished it. I wept through the turning of every page and felt one wave after another as I’d read and then gaze into the portals. I responded first to the colors, many of them are of my invariant aura upon arrival in this lifetime (especially the purples, golds and indigos) but then my soul began to speed up and dive deeply into the depths of the portal and just journey until it would release after a few moments – minutes – I really couldn’t tell which, as time wasn’t important. All I felt was a release and then the compelling need to turn the next page. There was no prompt to journal or create a prayer as yet. I just “felt” their pull and power in a place VERY deep within. With each portal was a deep sense of gratitude and peace and beseechment in telepathic outreach to other humans to help with the change the earth is experiencing right now in this unprecedented time in human history.

Some kind of major shift happened within me – I haven’t got a clue what but I am not going to try to figure it out (that’s when I get off track – asking “Why?”) I am just going to sit within its energy and spell today and see what happens and pay attention to how I feel and what I’m thinking. I don’t even want the to see anyone or talk to anyone as I want no intrusion into whatever is happening. That’s all I know at this point and I’m going to honor it implicitly.

Sho – you’re right this is a POWERFUL book in both words and the portal art. Hilde and Rick were certainly destined to create this and please express my love and gratitude. I have no idea where this will take me – I know I just felt it deeply – the empath that I am – and I guess I’m on another new journey of self discovery and invention. Giggly, I have reinvented myself so many times so far, I feel like I should have patent marks all over my butt as proof! Haha!

My loving thanx for knowing to send it to me and to Hilde’s quick response and her loving note inside which was dated right on my birthday! How ’bout that!





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